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Done For You Email Setup with 98.2% 
Inbox Deliverability

We expand your topline by setting up your entire email backend from domains, inboxes, copies, leads and your own private email sending platform.

90% Email Open Rates

2500+ Meetings Booked

500+ Successful Campaigns

60 Consistent Sales Calls via Done-For-You Email Funnels

We install and validate a cold email funnel inside  your business, customized to your ideal customer profile allowing you to add 3-5 clients monthly.

Our Clients Get Meetings With Decision Makers From

Fill Your Pipeline
With Qualified Sales Calls


You're Probably Struggling With...

Email FuWe setup an email funnel that can send out 2000 emails everyday without a single email going to spam.

Wasting time and energy on the top of funnel that could be going into scaling or fulfillment

We map out and create your ideal customer profile which prequalifies leads and then double verify each lead before launching.

Seeing inconsistent results that aren’t in line with the money you’re spending

We craft email copies that directly hit the pain points of your target audience using our proven strategies.

Integrating fulfilment with a marketing blueprint that is optimized for your business

Before each sales call, you're given all the necessary information about the lead and the conversation that we've had.

Consistently filling your calendar with qualified sales calls every single month

Our Solution

Email Deliverability- We guarantee 90% open rates per 100,000 emails while the industry average is just 20%. We do this by using niche specific subject lines along with an ironclad email funnel.

Precise Lead Targeting- We make sure that you only reach potential customers that are pre qualified by job title, company size, revenue, technologies used, location and a lot more. We double verify each lead to make sure that our emails don't bounce.

Copy that works- Our copywriting skills have been tested across more than 500 campaigns. Along with spintax, an irresistible offer and industry specific call to actions, we make sure that your emails ACTUALLY convert.

We've Proudly Worked With

What Our Clients Say

I was skeptical about outsourcing our cold email efforts. However, partnering with ENDY, proved to be a game-changer. In just two weeks, they orchestrated  a targeted campaign that landed us 17 qualified meetings with ideal clients. Thanks to them, we've now automated our sales process.

Manish Tahiliani,
CEO | Voxturr

ENDY's email strategies boosted Sampler very effectively. In two weeks, they secured 19 meetings, expanding our client base. Leveraging their expertise, we optimized campaigns, increasing engagement. Thanks to Daksh and Naman, our outreach is effective, enhancing our sampling services' reach.

Gaurav Lakhani,
Founder | Samplrr

I never imagined cold emailing could be this effective until we partnered with ENDY. Their personalized approach resulted in 23 high-quality meetings within just two weeks. Their expertise not only expanded our client base but also saved us valuable time and resources. Thanks to them, our cybersecurity services are now reaching the right audience more efficiently than ever before.

Joeri Watering,

CEO | Guardey

Meet the Team

Meet the people behind ENDY Media. With our combined email experience of more than 7 years, we know exactly what you need to scale your outbound efforts in a predictable and convenient way.

Emails are a Predictable, Scalable and Linear way to Increase Your Topline Revenue

  • Is your process streamlined?

  • Are your calls qualified?

  • Is your funnel linear and scalable?

By working with us you will...

  • Have a performance-based growth partner who is constantly helping you improve and streamline as you scale

  • Have a steady stream of qualified leads booking into your calendar

  • Have a marketing strategy that is consistent with your brand

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